As always, this year’s Crocker-Con was a lot of fun! On one side, I sat next to illustrator and artist Sarah Rene Kraft and got a print of her beautiful version of the tarot’s Empress.  Sacramento’s comic scene is a small world, so of course it turned out that we both know the talented JG Morales Villanueva, who stopped by at the end of the show. On the other side, I sat next to Hilary Orr, AKA SquidBacon of Oakland and her amazing collection of tiny food sculptures, plus her brother, Justin Orr of Jusscope fame, scoring a copy of his dope MF DOOM poster.

Other exhibiting friends at the show include my former CSUS professor Mario Estioko, who is developing a fun new card game called Run! that you can check out here, and nicest-guy-in-show-business Jared Konopitski (even his web site says he’s nice!), who made a beautiful painting to announce the birth of my son a few years back!

Thanks to everyone who came out, including my wife for being brave enough to drag our two kids downtown at night; my parents, for whom CrockerCon was their first comic book convention; and my friends Phillip and Amy Altstatt, who should really have had their own table!

And of course the biggest of thanks to the Crocker Museum and staff for always being so patient, friendly, and helpful, and to organizer Eben Burgoon for putting together such a great event and allowing me to take part! See y’all next year!