Digital painting of Donald Trump sitting in a golden toilet carried by a boomer-aged white man wearing a red MAGA hat. The end of Trump’s red power-tie is also tied around the man’s neck, which Trump tugs on like a manacle to urge the man forward. Dusty, tired, and sweating, the man still grins at Trump, who smirks back at him. They walk over uneven paving stones past a bombed out building toward the edge of a cliff.

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Here’s a new piece, “Ties that Bind,” created with Adobe Fresco. My depiction of Trump was influenced by Tom Tomorrow, who never forgets to emphasize The Donald’s ridiculous facade. The cliff Trump and his lackey are about to fall over was influenced by the cover of Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends, which never failed to terrify me when I was a child.