Cartoony colored-marker drawing of a sinister-looking man with the vertical irises of a snake. He has thick eyebrows and wears a cowl, ratty robe, curled mustache, and toothy grin. In one hand he holds a burning torch with an eye at its center. Behind him a snake rears back to strike and the eyes and teeth of a monster gleam in the dark.

“The Tatterdemalion.” Colored marker on paper; 11.25” x 8”. Something about this guy is giving Tupac; I think it’s the smile. Check out the comparison below then let me know what you think. Pac, we know you’re not dead, so why don’t you weigh in as well.

Cartoony colored-marker drawing of a man with thick eyebrows and curled mustache next to a photograph of the rapper Tupac Shakur. There is a similarity between the two men in their noses and smiles.