India ink drawing of Sacramento’s Crocker Art Museum as seen at night, musical notes and movement lines dancing above it. Across the top, a banner reads, “Meanwhile, at CrockerCon.”

CrockerCon has come and gone, but as always, it was an amazing night! My table had a lot of visitors this year and I was thrilled to make sales and meet new people. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

Things were so busy that I didn’t have a chance to get up and walk around, which is the sort of problem I am happy to have but that still bummed me out a little; there’s always so many amazing things to see at CrockerCon! I did get a chance to talk to friends and local artists like Mario Estioko, whose fun card game Run! has met its funding goals, and Jared Konopitski, who happened to have a new piece painted onto a record of the Deliverance soundtrack, which is also the book I’m currently reading! Weird!

Thanks to Eben Burgoon and the Crocker team for hosting such a wonderful evening. As with most conventions, CrockerCon attendees like to cosplay, but I’ve always felt the show lets me cosplay as an artist. That impression was only strengthened this year by my table being next to Dan Brereton, of whom I’ve always been a fan and who laughed approvingly at one of my illustrations. Next to me on the other side was Jason Guillaume, a young man whose comic Rodoman claims to be Sacramento’s “First ASD Superhero”! That’s just the sort of mix that makes CrockerCon so interesting, and the way everyone gets along is what makes it so fun. Can’t wait to see you there next year.