My class on making comics with Chromebooks and Google Slides went great. We had a mix of regulars and first timers, plus a teacher friend who came with a small group of her students (thanks Tiffany!). If you missed the class and are interested in making your own comics with Google Slides, check out these two YouTube tutorials, one by Richard Byrne and another by Aaron Jongko.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to ask anyone to share their comic with me through Google, so I don’t have anything to post yet, but hopefully I will after the Thanksgiving break. In the meantime, I made a new snake-based comic inspired by one created by a student during my class. Photo credits below.

“Flowsnake [Panel 1 of 3]” by Jesse Baggs. “Flowsnake [Panel 2 of 3]” by Jesse Baggs. “Flowsnake [Panel 3 of 3]” by Jesse Baggs.

Left-panel snake photo by parxel from Pixabay; center snake photo by Pixabay; right snake photo by Antkrish Kumar from Pixabay.